Whilst great leadership and a sound ethical culture are necessary for any organisation, in themselves they are not sufficient.

You also need policies and procedures which meet regulatory and stakeholder standards and which set out both the guiding principles and the detailed modalities of the organization’s compliance effort. From time to time, you may also require discreet investigations and review services to deal with issues affecting your organization’s reputation.

In both respects, Lessons Learned can help, with dedicated personal support from experienced industry professionals. Specifically, we can provide consulting services in:

  • AML CFT and Sanctions policy & procedures reviews and drafting
  • CDD and onboarding process and technology reviews
  • Financial crime risk assessments, reviews and drafting
  • AML and Anti-Bribery failures – root cause analysis and problem solving
  • Anti-Bribery and corruption policy & procedures reviews and drafting
  • Fraud risk reviews and targeted investigations
  • Codes of Conduct and Ethics Policies reviews and drafting

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