Training strategy

You can’t just leave it to chance that your training effort will be worthwhile.

Integrity risks are complex and come in many forms. Ensuring that your staff are effectively trained to in aspects of the risks which are specific and relevant to their roles, requires planning and foresight. And in complex, global organizations, that means you need a training strategy that is based on the organisation’s needs.

At Lessons Learned we’re experts in assessing organizational training needs and in developing integrity related training strategies and detailed training plans. In particular, we can assist with

  • Integrity risk analysis
  • Organizational analysis
  • Business analysis
  • Role and skills analysis
  • Legal and regulatory analysis
  • Critical incidents analysis
  • ‘Felt training needs’ analysis

And thereafter developing comprehensive training and development plans that will successfully close the gap between current and desired knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Contact us to start a conversation about an Integrity Training Needs Analysis, a Training Strategy and a Training & Development Plan.